To become a Christian and to begin following Jesus as the leader of your life is a decision that is simple, yet has life-changing consequences.

First, to become a Christian is to receive the loving gift that Jesus offers us all: the gift of forgiveness for our sins and of eternal life with God.  A Christian knows that Jesus loves us and rescues us from sin and from death.  Another word for rescuer is Savior.  There is no way anyone can earn or be good enough for this.  It is a loving GIFT from Jesus Christ that we receive with joy and gratitude.

Second, our joy and gratitude moves us to make Jesus Christ the leader of our lives from now on.  Another word for leader is Lord.  So we read the Bible to find out how Jesus lived and how He wants us to live.  And then we do our best to live like Him.  Living like him does not earn our rescue from sin and death.  That rescue is still Christ’s gift to us.  We simply try to live like him because He first loved us.  We hope you accept Christ’s gift and make Him the Leader of your life!