First Baptist Church is a very diverse group of just under 800 souls, most of whom live in Wilson City or County. Being in Wilson, we have a lot of people in education and in banking. In addition, you will find people of every socio-economic group among us, including people in business, in trades, in retirement, and more! We are grateful that our fellowship includes many different kinds of people, including different kinds of viewpoints.

That freedom of different viewpoints comes from a Baptist conviction called the priesthood of believers. We seek to take the Bible seriously as our guide to what we believe and how we act. We believe God’s Holy Spirit helps each one of us read and apply the Bible directly to our lives. Therefore, each one of us is responsible to read the Bible for himself/herself, to pray to God directly for guidance, and then to decide how God is leading us. We therefore don’t always agree about everything. But we are committed to working together to be God’s people worshipping, witnessing and working together.

We believe God wants us to share the good news of Jesus Christ with Wilson and with the whole world. To do the worldwide part of that mission, we cooperate with other Christian groups, such as the:

South Roanoke Baptist Association
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC
Baptist State Convention of NC
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (National).

We also have a historic relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention. While most of our mission gifts go via the other groups listed above, if a member would like to send gifts to the SBC via our offerings, we honor that.

Our church is set right in the midst of where so much is happening! We are on the edge of a vibrant downtown that is undergoing an exciting renaissance. We are in the midst of an immediate neighborhood that includes both people struggling with poverty and others who are renovating and enjoying the historic homes around us. Just down the streets from us, young adults are moving into “first” homes. Plus, we are centrally located in the county for people who drive in because they are attracted to our unique blend of worship and ministry. Most significantly, we are in the midst of thousands of people who do not have a church they can call home. It is likely that many of them do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Every Baptist church is locally governed, so every one is free to do worship and ministry as it perceives God is guiding it. Here at First Baptist we seek to worship God with all of our minds (thoughtful messages) and with all of our hearts (inspiring music with everything from organ to banjo). We take seriously our ministries with children, youth, college students, young adults, and senior adults. There is a place among us for every age.

We believe God calls us to be involved in missions and ministry, so there are plenty of opportunities to serve through children’s mission groups, youth mission trips, Baptist Men, Baptist Women, and the Spanish Mission. Plus, many of us are involved with ministries beyond FBC such as the Wesley Shelter, Soup Kitchen, Hope Station, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

We sense that God is leading us to undergird all of the above with a return to basic spiritual practices (called spiritual disciplines), so that we make sure that everyone among us is learning how to pray for themselves, how to read the Bible for themselves, and how to be involved in meaningful worship. Those actions are the soil out of which grows everything else that we seek to do. But most important of all, we seek to help every single person to have a vital, inspiring, life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ